Mindfulness in Schools


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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means directing attention to our experience of the present moment, on purpose and non-judgementally, with open-minded curiosity and acceptance.



Jessica has been teaching Mindfulness in schools for four years, reaching the whole school community from the youngest children aged 4, to sixth formers and INSET training for staff as well as parents' talks.  Her experience of teaching English for 20 years and her 14 years yoga, meditation and mindfulness teaching, as well as mental health first aid training, come together perfectly and offer a unique blend of experience with some outstanding results.

How does mindfulness work in schools?

There is no place for academic education if it's not in the context of a healthy mind. Jessica's mindfulness in schools programme teaches specific strategies for children of all ages to deal with the issues that childhood presents. Specific focus is made on the teenage years.  The children will learn how to deal with anxiety and stress with breathing and relaxation practices.  This works by training the mind to let go of stress when it is detrimental, understand how to channel stress to work positively to enhance performance and to increase the capacity to be calm in all sorts of challenging situations.


What we practice often, we become good at.  This is the same for mindfulness.  In times of anxiety, if we practice bringing the mind back to the breath, we become good at it and we live in the moment rather than ruminating about the past.

Why does mindfulness matter for learning and performance?

Paying attention is a prerequisite for our executive functioning areas of the brain to engage in a task.

The practices which are learned will encourage a calm mind which in turn will help us think and function better so our academic performance is enhanced.