Course descriptions

Yoga and Meditation -This course combines the practice of the physical asanas with meditation and mindfulness.  It is suitable for all abilities and promotes health and flexibility of the body and mind. This brings about better adjustment to all life situations. 

Gentle Yoga and Meditation *NEW*- This is a new course inspired by some of my wonderful yogis.  Good health cannot be taken for granted but must be striven for.  In this course we use gentle yoga postures to activate the body and mind, making them come alive.  It encompasses some recuperative yoga as well as postures that give a variety of different effects; calming, energising, soothing and healing.

Mother and baby yoga - This is a fun and interactive class offers ways to get back into shape after having a baby and a promotes close meaningful interaction with your baby. Yoga with your baby is a profoundly bonding experience and will help you find a calm and peaceful place in yourself during this busy time in your life. Mother, father, grandparent or any adult carer may attend.  Suitable for all babies and toddlers.

Pregnancy Yoga - A class designed specifically for all stages of pregnancy, combining breathing and yoga asanas for health and wellbeing in pregnancy, with breathing and positions for a gentle birth. This class brings you together with other women who are sharing the same experience which is incredibly bonding.