"The practice of yoga and meditation is a life long journey;  the last 20 years of my practice, fourteen of those teaching, has been a personal but quite enlightening and life-saving journey. In my teaching I strive to deliver excellence to each human being in front of me.  I take myself in my totality to work to teach every lesson." Jessica 


During all times of our lives, times of health, illness, pregnancy and the post-natal period and when our children are young, and when we are growing older, we need a holistic approach of nurture and care to meet our changing needs.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are some of the very best practices for your all round well-being helping you to thrive in your life and not just survive.

Whether it is stretching your body after a day in the office or wanting to increase your strength and flexibility, Yoga helps to alleviate all sorts of ailments and is particularly valuable as a complimentary exercise to higher impact sports such as running, cycling or aerobics.  More top athletes, such as Andy Murray, are using yoga as a way to condition the mind as well as the body. Jessica works in schools both with children and teachers, teaching  Yoga for Athletes as well as Yoga and Mindfulness to children of all ages.  INSET training to staff is also offered. Meditation and Mindfulness help you understand how your mind works and think more clearly and the outcome will benefityour whole life; wellbeing, performance, relationships, behaviour and resilience.


For more detailed information including prices please contact Jessica or Ann.  We will be happy to talk to you, answer your questions and give you all the information you require.  And we look forward to giving you a warm welcome at our classes!

Our established and friendly yoga classes are based in Midgham and Upper Woolhampton in West Berkshire. We are a mother and daughter partnership with a unique blend of experience.

Through yoga and meditation we have worked with depression, panic attacks, diabetes, children with autism, babies with colic, new mothers with baby blues and people who simply want to find a place of peace within themselves which they can take with them into their busy lives.